¨Companies like Lead Ratings are the future of the lead market.¨

Adria Carulla, Co-founder of

Lead Ratings drives companies to boost their sales while reducing their business costs using Predictive Algorithms and state-of-the-art Machine Learning

Processed Leads

We have analyzed the quality of more than 20 million leads for our customers

Sales Increase

We increased the Conversion Rate of the companies by 30%


Cost Reduction

We reduce commercial and operating costs by 25%


Contact Center
Optimize your Contact Center and maximize the sales campaigns of your call center. We do the scoring of your lead database and predict the Best Time to Call.

Improve the Recurring Sale of your ecommerce while reducing your Churn Rate. We identify the customers that will generate more value for your company.


Increase the number of enrollments in your educational institution. We segment your leads given the interest in enrolling in any of your courses.

Tourism & Travel

Identify the leads that are more likely to become a customer to improve the ROI of your campaigns. We analyze your visitors to improve your conversion funnel.

Financial & Debt Recoveries

Improve your profit margin for each loan. Segment your portfolio and focus on accounts with the greatest debt recovery potential.

Vertical Search Engine

Optimize your ad revenue by qualifying your generated marketing leads.

Business Case

Call Center

Let’s say a financial entity wants to be able to predict the revenue it gets from every client in order to prioritize the calls of those who are most valuable, while also increasing revenues per campaign.

Contesta succeeded in doing with the help of Lead Ratings. 


In this case study, we show how the companies’ goals were achieved through Lead Scoring of Lead Ratings and how easily and effectively Lead Ratings integrated within the existing processes to meet these goals.

Lead Scoring Business Case for a Education Center.

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Become part of the Lead Ratings ecosystem

Software Platforms

We want to build Technological Alliances with other software companies to offer more valuable products (CRM, Dialer, Marketing Automation...)

Marketing Agencies

Use predictive algorithms to optimize your client's campaigns. Make use of their data to increase the ROI.

Business Consultants

Transform your customers' business models with predictive algorithms. Have an Ad Hoc Business Intelligence Department.


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