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The results of using Artificial Intelligence in student recruitment campaigns


40% increase in the enrolment rate of the training center


21% reduction in customer acquisition costs (CAC)


Increase in Return Of Investment (ROI)


  • Training center offering online and on-site courses


  • Education 


The Company

Training center that offers online and offline courses. With a clear international vocation, it has a presence in several countries in Europe and throughout Latin America.

The Need

The training center had the need to manage a large number of leads generated in marketing campaigns (SEO, SEM, portals, events ...). In order to prioritise those leads that were most likely to become an enrolment, they needed a lead qualification system in real time and customise their commercial efforts for each potential student.

The Goals

From Lead Ratings we set ourselves 4 goals that our algorithm should meet to solve the company's need:

  • Segmentation of the leads according to
    their interest to
  • Adopt differentiated
    marketing strategies for
    each segment
  • Optimise the campaigns and
    sales channels based on
    the segmentation
  • Increase the conversion rate
    without reducing the
    volume of generated leads

Analysis of Variables

The algorithm was developed from the historical data of previous campaigns . For the study, we analysed the user profile, course of interest and enrolment variables of the training center.

Performance of the Algorithm

The algorithm determined 5 Ratings or segments based on enrolment likelihood. The analysis detected groups with a propensity to enrol 4 times higher than average.

The Results

In just 4 months the increase in the enrolments (Conversion Rate) was 40%. The adjustment on the sales channels allowed the company to have cost savings (CPA) of 24%

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