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Lead Ratings is a SaaS predictive marketing company specialised in the Education industry and focused on increasing student enrolments

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World largest publishing group in Spanish language

Largest online university in Spanish language.

Top-10 worldwide education portal

What we do

Lead Ratings helps companies to increase their sales and reduce costs using predictive algorithms and state-of-the-art machine learning.


Increase in enrolments

Companies using our predictive solution increase by 30% their conversion rate.


Reduction of sales costs

Lead scoring allows you to reduce your commercial costs up to 20%.

Plug and play

 One Click integrations with any CRM or database.


Our solutions

How do you identify the best leads?

Prioritise your sales efforts on your most qualified leads. Don’t waste time on leads that don’t convert.

Are the best leads assigned to the best agent?

Assign every lead with the best agent to maximize the conversion.

Do you know the real costs of the lead qualification process?

Decrease your opportunity cost, and save time and resources by focusing on your best leads.

Are you a Data-Driven company?

Use a data-driven approach on your sales process, avoid guesswork and subjectivity. Create new workflows according to our lead segmentation, based on conversion probabilities.

Does the quality of leads limit your acquisition growth?

Manage more leads without increasing the sales team. Prioritise your sales efforts on your most qualified leads.

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