The success behind our Call Center’s Case

Higher revenue per campaign using the right algorithm. Contesta succeeded in doing so in a campaign for one of its clients, with the help of Lead Ratings.

Interview with Ricard Bonastre

Lead Ratings CEO explains the benefits of their predictive software in an interview with Marketing4ecommerce.

PyConES 2015 – Un pequeño resumen

Este año desde Kernel Analytics y Lead Ratings hemos decidido acudir en masa a la PyConES 2015, celebrada en Valencia. En las dos empresas utilizamos Python a diario, tanto para programación en general como para analítica de datos y predicción, por lo que ésta era una cita comunitaria a la que no podíamos faltar.

Lead Ratings seleccionada en BStartup

Lead Ratings selected to participate in BStartup10

Lead Ratings Lead has been selected to participate in BStartup 10, the programme of high business performance of Banco Sabadell.

Infographics Data Science - Lead Ratings

Infographics data science

Learn how data science, machine learning and statistical model creation work to predict a lead conversion with this Infographics from Lead Ratings.

DATA SCIENCE en Lead Ratings

How does Lead Ratings work?

Lead Ratings works with DATA SCIENCE to create a statistical model that allows our tool to predict the lead conversion rate, from a historical sales data sample.

Lead Ratings - Success Case Study 2

Business Case for ecommerce

Lead Ratings provides a flexible solution to meet each of our customer’s requirements. In this case study, we highlight the importance of knowing the real value per lead in order to be able to prioritize them and determine the actions to take per lead type.

Lead Ratings report graphs

Our powerful dashboard

Our cloud software solution comes with a powerful real-time dashboard that enables the user to organize and interpret this information in a visual way.

Infographic Lead Ratings 1

Infographics Lead Ratings

Infographics about Lead Ratings. Our job is to make your job more efficient. Lead Rating's informations helps to improve both sales and marketing performance.

Lead Ratings - case Study1

Case Study 1

In this case study, we show how the companies’ goals were achieved through Lead Ratings and how easily and effectively Lead Ratings integrated within the existing processes to meet these goals.

efficiency LEAD RATINGS

Our job is to make your job more efficient

If you know that segmenting your leads is essential to improving your marketing campaigns (channel, tone and content), why do you treat all your leads the same way?

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